We’re a small team of brand designers, creatives and digital marketing experts that are obsessed with building seriously cool, conscious brands.

Tired of click-bait and overdone trends, we bring together marketing know-how with an innovative design philosophy to help businesses stand out in person, online and on shelf.

We’re a fully remote agency, sometimes based in Sydney, Australia, but always on the move around the world collecting ideas and inspiration. We’ve worked with clients from New York to New Zealand and are passionate about working with brands that are trying to make the world a better place.

Thyme Studio were incredible in their adoption of this project, working closely with us from day one to understand our intended audience and direction; reimagining our visual identity as a platform that will help us further establish ourselves and build our brand recognition.

Thyme Studio couldn’t have been more professional and effective at tackling such a multifaceted rebranding challenge. If you're seeking an agency that marries expertise with empathy, look no further.

Matt HÜbner
Teach US Consent

Lizzie hedding


Lizzie is an experienced brand designer and digital marketer who loves Messina ice-cream, long walks and building kick-ass brands. Since making the move from in-house marketing to freelancing, she’s worked with brands all across the world and as a digital marketing instructor for General Assembly.

An existential crisis about the future of life on this planet led her to co-found Project Planet, a not-for-profit aiming to empower Australians to take meaningful climate action, and in her remaining free time she is an elite long jumper, having represented Australia multiple times on the world stage.

Katy Mane

Katy is a graphic designer and illustrator with a love for baking, photography and creating with purpose. A keen problem solver and optimist, she enjoy’s finding solutions for meaningful change.

When she’s not designing you’ll find her cafe hopping, watching psychological thrillers, or on the hunt for the best bacon & egg roll in Sydney.

Jess Phillippi
Social Media Manager

A real life content-creation genius, Jess is Thyme Studio’s resident social media manager, looking after strategy and execution for our more social clients. Jess loves wine (like she is an actual, trained expert on the stuff), her co-worker/cat Roxy and horror movies.

A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Jess is also a professional music theatre performer, who performs in productions all around the world when she’s not creating wine-memes.

Tegan Lerm
Brand & Social strategist

Tegan is a brand and social strategist with a passion for helping businesses and individuals create meaningful connections with their target audience.

She's an experienced and creative professional who is committed to delivering high-quality results. She believes that strong branding and social media presence are essential for businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape, and she is dedicated to helping her clients succeed.

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